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The reason we are so committed to stories is because we live in a meaningful world, we are made in the image of God, and we are part of a larger story written by the Author of life. The story of our own lives matter because we are part of a grander, meaningful story.

                                                                                                                          NOW is the time to make this matter.


If you do, you are exactly where you need to be!



NOW Agency caters primarily to women who write for today's changing market. We help bring ideas to life by partnering with our clients in any step of the writing process and then aligning them with the audience that will expand their reach. We want to place the stories that need to be heard in places where people will hear them the most.


The NOW journey began because we wanted to educate modern day thought leaders, inspire change and transform the perspective of those audiences that read our books. We value our readers just as much as we value the authors. This is why our approach to promotion of authors and content creators is unique and incomparable.




 NOW is the publishing & promotion company that is built on honesty & integrity. It is a company that you will want to continue to come back to for every writing project!

Our Core Principles:

-We deliver high-quality services tailored to every writers needs;
-We work collaboratively to give writers the optimal environment to succeed in the marketplace;
-We treat authors as people, not numbers 


We believe that every project is the beginning of a great adventure that should not be put off. Her time is NOW!

Let's get started....