One of the most rewarding accomplishments for an author is to publish a book they can be proud of - a professional, bookstore-quality book for today's competitive marketplace that helps them express their ideas, build their influence and contribute to their bottom line. 

We bridge the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing services. We believe in creating sales-focused plans for your message to be heard before the book is brought to market.  MTM is the solution to a strategic, focused approach in hybrid publishing. 

We provide you with the means to publish your book world-wide in every format: Softcover, Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Book. We distribute through the Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, and iTunes but that is not all. We also have an exclusive partnership with our Tampa, Florida printing house to do our own warehousing and distribution. There is an additional partnership in progress for warehousing and distribution on the northern east coast. These partnerships provide an opportunity to capture more royalties for the author with every direct sale. 

Our global eBook distribution network encompasses over 100 countries, 31 online retailers and 10,000 libraries. We deliver and manage the technology to deliver the superior results you need. Let our innovation feed your creativity.

Our publishing packages can be tailored to each individual project after the manuscript has been approved for one of our collaborative imprints. These brand communities are another piece to our innovative culture. We are constantly striving to research and understand the consumers within each one of these markets. These readers matter to us and we want to give them the books that they are looking for.


Our service is entirely selective. We are applying robust selection criteria to the books we publish in exactly the same way as major publishing houses. We believe that by doing this we will create a strong and credible list of brilliant books that should be given the opportunity to reach readers.

The reason we operate an entirely selective policy is that we want our books to be recognized as great books that are professionally published to the highest standards. Our authors have worked hard to create their books – and we work hard to ensure they then become the best they can be. We want our books to rub shoulders with the literary greats – but they need to deserve to.

We offer a more collaborative publishing experience than that offered in most traditional houses. We apply our core values of quality, credibility and integrity to every book we publish and we work closely with our authors to ensure that they are involved with every step of the process – as much or as little as they want to be. We guide, advise and recommend and, by marketing, selling, and representing subsidiary rights to our books we remain invested in each book as long as it is in print.



We have multiple brand communities available for your publishing project but you will need to submit your manuscript for approval to be published within a selected imprint. Our Publishing Division carefully selects Authors that are the best fit for the audience within our current imprints.








Her Purpose Press is our titles that include memoirs, inspiration, women's issues and self-help by women who have found their purpose.








Make This Matter  is a series of collaborative story titles that are for the gift market with a faith-based perspective of "What Matters?" titles. 





Bites is our brand community with healthy food related titles that include cookbooks.