• Custom Cover Design

Custom Cover Design


It’s not a secret that a potential reader’s decision to learn more about your book relies heavily with the appeal of your book cover. Although we’re all reminded to “never judge a book by its cover,” this simply isn’t possible with readers who have thousands of books from which to choose. So, how do you entice readers to purchase your book in mere seconds? A captivating well designed cover.

Remember, the front and back cover of your book is the first thing interested readers will notice when they pick up your book or view it online. If you want a book cover that gets noticed, a Custom Cover Design is what you need. You’ll get the creative input of a professional cover designer who will be committed to creating a cover to compliment your written work.

How it works:

  • Your cover designer will conduct creative research on genre-specific cover trends to determine which design will maximize your book's impact in the marketplace 
  • We will discuss with you three front cover concepts that reflect the feel of your book
  • Once you choose your favorite concept, you and your designer will confirm the details about the design elements
  • You will receive the first draft of the cover and have two rounds of free corrections
  • After your designer incorporates any changes per your request to your design, you’ll receive your final cover as a PDF (Please note: any changes requested after the second round of free corrections will incur a fee)


    You may also include the following items with your submission for inclusion on the back book cover:

    • Author bio (no more than 50 words)
    • Marketing copy about your book (no more than 200 words)
    • One to four published reviews (no more than 50 words each, including the credit line)
    • A photo of the author. If a photo is submitted it must meet the following requirements: 
      • TIFF (.tif) or JPEG (.jpg) format
      • CMYK colorspace
      • 300-dpi resolution
      • 600 x 600 pixels (if JPEG)
      • 2” x 2” printed size

    Two rounds of corrections or adjustments to your cover is allowed after receiving the first proof copy. The second round of corrections is free of charge, but any subsequent changes will result in a corrections fee.