• Line Editing

Line Editing


In your own work, it is hard to catch all of the typos and errors, even if you read it over and over again. Our proofreading service provides a thorough correction of your manuscript to catch anything you may have overlooked. This includes catching mistakes in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and syntax. Recommendations on word choice and improving overall readability will also be provided. Using Microsoft Word®, your editor will track every change for you to approve or reject. This manner of editing ensures that you always have the final say in what happens to your book.

*Note: Proofreading is also available in Spanish. For more information contact us.

*There is a 5,000-word minimum charge for all editing services.

Please note: MTM accepts a very low margin of error – no more than three percent of the total errors found. Our professional editorial staff reviews each editorial service for quality assurance. Upon reviewing your edited manuscript, if you believe that an unsatisfactory number of errors remain, please create a list of the errors and the page numbers on which they appear and email it to We will review the list with you and address your concern.


Timeline: A detailed edit is extremely important to the overall quality of your book. Within two to three weeks, depending on our queue and the complexity of your work, your manuscript will be returned polished and ready for publishing.